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Isolation & Therapeutic Units for COVID-19 | Medical Facilities in Low Resource Areas

Sustainable Energy driven and Climate Responsive Infrastructure for Isolation & Therapeutic Units for COVID-19

The present crisis of COVID-19 is no different, but just that it has happened extremely suddenly and has impacted all parts of the society at once. Again, the biggest victims of this ongoing crisis will be the poor. SELCO’s again believes the eco-system approach will help come up with appropriate solutions to the problems being created by COVID-19.

COVID-19 crisis has provided an opportunity to prove that sustainable energy, appropriate building design, utilization of sustainable materials for construction and efficiency of medical equipments are all critical components for delivering emergency services. SELCO has worked with stakeholders to consider both the above criterion and have created a blueprint for the 1st set of interventions.

The added advantage being these components and interventions can be used even after the crisis is over, thus making it economically sustainable for governments to invest in them.

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