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Insights Report | Impact of COVID19 on MSMEs (Sustainable Energy Enterprises & Efficient Technology Manufacturers)

Overview of the impact and plan of actions necessary towards sustainable energy distribution enterprises and technology developers

A week into the COVID-19 lockdown, SELCO Foundation reached out to its energy enterprise partners who are part of its incubation program to assess the immediate repercussions on their business and stakeholders. More than 30 enterprises were interviewed via a combination of phone calls and online forms as some of the enterprises were in areas with weak to no internet or difficulty in accessing laptops.

The enterprises are divided into two categories:

(a) Distribution enterprises who are involved in system integration and door step delivery of solutions via end user financing and servicing;
(b) Technology developers who are involved in designing and manufacturing of energy efficient products in agriculture, green buildings, health care, etc. and may or may not distribute the products themselves.

Both categories cater to underserved populations primarily in the states Odisha, Jharkand, Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Gujarat. The purpose of this report is to assess the near and medium term impact, determine corrective measures based on practical situation of each enterprise and to develop a set of guidelines that would assist the enterprises to tide over this crisis and build in resilient processes in the long term.

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