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Sustainable Energy and Decentralised Healthcare

SELCO over the last two decades has been striving to provide sustainable solutions, to under-served communities, that can enable better delivery of livelihoods, health and education. The primary philosophy being to eradicate poverty permanently an eco-system approach needs to be applied where the poor become asset owners and creators. The crisis SELCO was trying to mitigate was climate change and its effect on the poor communities.

The present crisis of COVID-19 is no different, but just that it has happened extremely suddenly and has impacted all parts of the society at once. Again, the biggest victims of this ongoing crisis are the poor. SELCO’s again believes the eco-system approach will help come up with appropriate solutions to the problems being created by COVID-19.

There are multiple interventions SELCO has furloughed and one of the most critical being in the health vertical. Working with experts from the medical field across the world, grassroots level health focussed NGOs and local governments SELCO has mapped out the initial set of interventions. The document presents some of the most critical ones that along with the stakeholders, the consortium would implement, and that then can replicated by others in different regions.

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