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Solar-Powered Ventilators | Setting Up Medical Facilities in Low Resource Areas

Ventilators are required to treat to manage and treat individuals with severe lung infections, require highly trained professionals, typically intensive care physicians, anaesthesiologists, intensive care nurses, and respiratory therapists. As the individuals who are caring for the exponentially growing ill population become sick or worse, the level of care for critically ill patients will be compromised as exponentially as their numbers increase.

Due to rapid increasing number of COVID 19 cases, there is growing demand health facilities like isolation wards and ICU. Developed countries like US. ITALY and Spain where there are improved health systems also facing severing challenges in the treatment and management of COVID 19 cases. In the context of resource constraint countries where there are crippled health care systems it will be even pose if there is sudden rise of COVID infections and it will pose greater challenge if there is community transmission. Expert says in India if COVID-19 cases surges ahead we struggle because close to 3% of these cases would require ventilators. As per brookings report, the country might need anywhere between 1.10 to 2.2 lakh ventilators by mid of May in the worst-case scenario. The number of ventilators available in the country is a maximum of 57000. Most of those ventilators cannot be put in use.

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