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Insights Report | Impact of COVID19 on Communities

Overview of the impact and plan of actions necessary towards SELCO’s end-user communities.

COVID-19 has brought immense impact to the lives of people across the world. With the rising number of active cases in India leading to unprecedented measures of economic lockdown, the cascading effects of which have disproportionately affected the marginalised communities. Livelihoods that depend on the inflow and outflow of daily activities for their survival have been hurt the most by the crisis, thus weakening their socio-economic safety nets and increasing their vulnerabilities.
Over the last couple of weeks, SELCO has gathered constant updates from end users and end-user institutional partners to understand the way the crisis is impacting their lives and livelihoods while simultaneously developing/mapping out immediate, medium-term and long-term support that they need. More than 100 end-users were contacted to assess the situation of communities, more than 60% of which are livelihood entrepreneurs. A document was put together which compiles the inputs and insights emerging from SELCO’s conversations with various typologies of end user communities (individual entrepreneurs and institutions such as FPOs and household communities) that might provide the depth of the crisis.
The end user communities range from across geographies, types of livelihoods practiced, scales of businesses etc. The report will take the reader through the immediate effects of the lockdown on the communities, impacts. concerns along with the needs and subsequent plan of action.

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