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Technology Enterprises Respond to COVID-19 | An Overview of Solutions

How small businesses are navigating through the COVID-19 crisis with a mix of innovation and technology.

Assam Innovation and Research Centre

Entrepreneur Name: Milan Jyoti Das

Technology Innovation: Automated contactless hand sanitiser dispenser

Milan Jyoti Das has designed a large area automatic sanitisation and sterilisation tool to spray sanitiser in mist form and kill virus and bacteria. By standing at the identified foot surface, the installed sensor triggers the sanitiser to spray on the person, thus eliminating the germs. This has high scope in public places like hospitals, supermarkets, malls, railway stations. A counter sanitize is also developed based on a conveyor belt UV light system to sterilise notes, passbook, documents for banking sector use cases. Automatic hand sanitiser has also been prototyped as a no contact product, which uses sensor technology to dispense liquid sanitiser for a predefined time.

Strawcture Eco Pvt Ltd
Entrepreneur Name: Shriti Pandey
Technology Innovation: Sustainable infrastructure

Strawcture’s prefabricated, energy efficient and easy to assemble construction technology is being used currently to expand the capacity of COVID19 hospitals. They are collaborating with Doctors for You for a 15-room staff accommodation, OPD and IPD units in Masarhi, Bihar. Strawcture is also building partnerships with LabourNet (an organization skilling masons and contractors with sustainable construction practices) to ensure that local workforce is technically trained for implementation- a concern specifically during lockdown the country Is facing currently. Additionally, Strawcture is also partnering with GMRVF, Hyderabad for renovation of the existing convention hall with 234 beds and building a temporary 1000 beds hospital unit for ICU and therapeutic wards. Strawcture has also submitted proposals to government administrative bodies, particularly in the Government announces Aspirational Districts in Jharkhand and Assam for isolation and quarantine wards.
Sunfox Technologies Pvt Ltd
Entrepreneur Name: Rajat Jain
Technology Innovation: PPE, Ventilator, Symptoms Checker App

Sunfox is supplying PPE to the Government of India, NGOs and individuals. They are in production and supply of masks, face shields, bodysuits at a minimum cost with no profit. A prototype of the most affordable ventilator is also in progress. They have developed a COVID19 symptoms checker tab in their existing Spandan ECG app to calculate the risk level based on the symptoms input. An information kit on the Corona Virus outbreak was created to spread awareness on the pandemic with quarantine measures to be followed.
Blackfrog Technologies Pvt Ltd
Entrepreneur Name: Mayur Shetty
Technology Innovation: Portable Medical Grade Refrigerator for COVID19 Sample Transportation and Storage

Blackfrog Technologies has developed Emvolio- A portable medical-grade refrigerator for last-mile transport of temperature-sensitive biologicals like COVID-19 specimens, vaccines,serums etc. WHO has stipulated a strict 2-8 deg C platform for the transport of COVID-19 samples. Blackfrog’s patented technology maintains a strict temperature control while transporting viral samples to ensure better accuracy in test results and to prevent false negatives arising from thermal- degradation of samples. The system provides live remote monitoring of temperature and other vital statistics to provide 100% accountability. A simple plug-and-play functionality enables sample- collection onboard mobile health-units/kiosks in remote areas, without the inconvenience of pre- planning during the use of unreliable ice-based refrigeration and promoting “social distancing”.
Alto Precisions
Entrepreneur Name: Asaad Jaffer
Technology Innovation: UVC Lamps, Ventilators

Developed by Lokozo, Alto is distributing a high output UV disinfection lamp (or system of lamps) to deliver a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous wave UV energy killing germs and pathogens (99.99%).
It is mobile making it perfect for sterilising ambulances, OPD, testing labs, clinics, public places such as malls, supermarkets. It can also be used to sterilise the disposable masks as a precaution before dumping. Alto has also partnered with Skanray to market their ventilators to private hospitals and remote PHC.
Millet Machines and Tools
Entrepreneur Name: Peter Bakos
Technology Innovation: Wash Station and Mobile Solar Energy Cart

MMT is developing low-cost serviceable wash stations with foot activated water and soap dispensing and waste- water collection which could be portable or fixed. This can be used at temporary isolation centres, shelter homes, bus/railways stations, PHC etc. To provide emergency power supply to isolation units or testing centres a lightweight cart having 1980Kw folding PV that can be towed by bullock, bike, scooter or even human power has been developed. It works on AC as well as DC (with inverter) and can be customised to suit the energy requirements. Energy on the move!

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