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The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is the most serious global health security threat in decades. The whole country is in a state of lockdown and the timelines are unpredictable at this point. And in addition to a health threat, for many of our partners its been life changing few days- severely affecting their livelihoods, and pushing them back into poverty. 

Over the years, using sustainable energy as a catalyst, SELCO has worked with very marginalized communities like slum dwellers, small and marginal farmers, street vendors and other daily wage income households. We have also worked with numerous organizations from sectors like health, education and livelihoods- organizations who also cater to people with similar economic background that SELCO caters too.

In this harsh reality, we at SELCO Foundation, stand by all our partners and the communities we have strived to serve for many years now. We have set up a task force to reach out to each of our partners and communities; and map out the potential help they require in terms of finances, administration or any other dire needs they might have. Each of them are being called and have been assured all forms of help in these trying times.

The last year has been tough, especially for rural India that has gone back certain years in terms of growth. With this thought, SELCO Foundation continues to #BuildBackBetter 

As we grapple with the enormous scale and human impact of this pandemic, you can count on us to lessen the shock for many of these communities to the extent it is possible. There are places where we can make an impact and in places we cannot, we shall rely on partners to achieve it. SELCO, with its ground partners and sectoral experts, has been working on bridging design and resource gaps for screening, testing, isolation and therapeutic units for COVID19. We have opened this channel, to not just raise capital for short term/emergency needs but also to hear from each one of you – suggestions, good examples being followed in other countries, other expertise that people can offer during these times.

Key Insights And Learnings

Sustainable Energy and Decentralized Healthcare
Working with experts from the medical field across the world, grassroots level health focussed NGOs and local governments SELCO has mapped out the initial set of interventions.
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Oxygen Concentrators
The document of setting up medical facilities in low resource areas showcase the need to account for energy efficiency and improved consumption when planning for oxygen requirements at a facility.
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Financial Contributions