Cold Storage Operators in Agriculture and COVID-19 | Expert Consultation

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Consultations held with experts in the Indian Dairy Sector on 7-9th May, 2020

Consultation Sessions held between the SELCO Foundation staff and prominent experts and practitioners in the Cold Chain and owners of Cold Storage Enterprises covered the challenges across three key aspects- the effects of COVID-19 on the market, main challenges across the value chain and the ecosystem of solutions which can be devised to overcome them using technology, finance and linkages.

The consultation was held with the following people:

  • Mr Ahmed Zakaria, President of the Kalang Kapil Krishi Unnayan Samiti – A Farmer Society
  • Shahandaaz Hussain, Founder of Vista Business
  • Mr Hanumantharaju, Shivaganga FPO
  • Mr Jithender, Proprietor at Foodsta Supply Chain Private Limited
  • Mr. Debasis Pati, Program Coordinator in Harsha Trust
  • Mr. Sasanka Singh, Director and Co-founder of HighBee

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