Solar Powered Digital Service Centres supporting Communities during COVID19 | Stories of Resilience

Access to digital services – printing, photocopying, photo studios – are integral for entities such as government offices, schools and colleges, financial institutions, local businesses etc. These services become critical in undertaking business transactions, maintaining records and for individual households in accessing bank and government schemes, subsidies and so on. The lack of such facilities […]

Roti Rolling Entrepreneurs Serving Communities during COVID-19 | Stories of Resilience

Preeti Joshi, is a social entrepreneur, belonging to Haligal, Karnataka; who post losing her husband, single-handedly started her catering business, and has subsequently employed 5-6 women from her community, all who were previously unemployed. She is juggling her day between managing the production and sales of her food items at her shop, engaging in the […]

Sustainable Energy and Blacksmiths during COVID-19 | Stories of Resilience

In the vicinity of Kodiyala for 20-25km, champion blacksmith entrepreneur Lakshman runs his small blacksmithy business from his home. There are very few entrepreneurs who are involved in the blacksmithy craft in the area. Also, with an experience of more than 20 years in the craft, Lakshman is a very well-known entrepreneur in the region, […]

Decentralised Milling Services during COVID-19 | Stories of Resilience

Rosy, 36, belongs from Agsalkatta, Karnataka and manages the flour mill at her house premises along with her husband. In 2005, when she was on the field as a social worker, she attended a solar training workshop organised by SELCO India, the social enterprise. She was inspired by the technology and decided she would take […]

Solar Powered Tailoring Centre for PPE in Remote Meghalaya | Stories of Resilience

The Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre located in Umniuh, Umsling block, Ri Bhoi, Meghalaya, started a new set up of Ferrando Livelihood cum Vocational Training Centre in 2017, with a strength of 40 people at present with the residential facility. The Training Centre was started with three key objectives- Training, Employment and Sustainability; through which […]