Solar Powered Decentralised Rice Milling Unit in Jharkhand | Stories of Resilience

Context Life Education and Development Support (LEADS) is an organization that works in the districts of Jharkhand, primarily in Khunti, Hazaribagh, Laterhar, Ghumla (amongst others) to promote sustainable livelihood solutions in rural and tribal communities. They also work in urban areas with their base located in Ranchi. Within the livelihoods work, they focus on agriculture […]

Sustainable Energy and Climate Infrastructure for Basic Therapeutic Care Units

The COVID-19 crisis has alarmingly brought to front the unpreparedness of the humanity to deal with such a crisis. It also lay to bare the glaring gaps in the health supply chains across the world. Previously, the gaps were main focused on the cost of delivering health services and its inaccessibility to the poorer populations […]

Sustainable Energy and Decentralised Healthcare

SELCO over the last two decades has been striving to provide sustainable solutions, to under-served communities, that can enable better delivery of livelihoods, health and education. The primary philosophy being to eradicate poverty permanently an eco-system approach needs to be applied where the poor become asset owners and creators. The crisis SELCO was trying to […]